July 17th, 2014

Another week, another great chance for you to boost your account with some great promos! Here's this week's picks roomies, play hard and enjoy the spoils!

Relish Your Independence!

Independence Day is behind us but the fuse of the fourth burns on! We have a special fuse that's about to ignite a gigantic explosion of cash prizes! So kick back and grab your morning cup of coffee and head over to the Dollar bingo room on Wednesday, July 23rd, between 9 AM EST and 10 AM EST to put your morning luck to the test!

We promise an unforgettable and refreshing hour packed with excitement and various bingo games with fixed prizes of $400. Take this hour to relish your Independence with a chance to win prizes of $4000!

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High Dive!

Summer is sizzling hot and it's time to soak up the riches in our Quarter room on Wednesday, July 23rd starting 8 PM EST until 9 PM, to fetch amazing rewards during an hour of coverall games with prizes up to $1000 per game. Max out the fun in your life this summer, step up to the high dive and enjoy the heat while it lasts!

Get submerged in our Quarter room where there will be total prizes up to $10,000 and use the hot summer sun and cool breeze to dry you off. Relax, catch some rays and then prepare for another unforgettable high dive.

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Treat Yourself!

Can you believe that July 21st is Junk Food Day? We know, it sounds too good to be true but it's as real as it gets! It's your day to treat yourself and go away with your chocolate conscience by guiltlessly eating your favorite junk food! If the bright colored candy wrappers grab your attention, indulge! If that last piece of pie stares you down, go for it!

But the 'sweetest' treat to get your hands on during this special holiday can be found in our Fair and Square room on Monday, July 21st and Tuesday, July 22nd, between 7:00 PM and 8:00 pm EST. There is a sweet tooth in all of us so let it shine during our special games with fixed prizes of $125 and hidden prizes of $300. Go ahead and treat yourself!

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Summer Lovin'

36 years ago back in the summer of 1978, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John collaborated on one of the most famous love songs in history! Since the release, Summer Nights has captured the essence of the picture perfect summer romance so many of us long for and it remains one of the best summer songs of all time. Wow, where does the time go? 36 years surely flew by but there are many more Summer Nights ahead so chill out, be cool and enjoy this special season while it lasts.

Join us in our Desperate Housewives room, between Sunday July 20th and Wednesday July 23rd, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM EST for the delightful opportunity to take home sparkling prizes from $50 to $100.

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Caviar Day

July 18th is a special day dedicated to the prestigious delicacy caviar. Did you know the best caviar comes from sturgeon fish which is found is the Caspian Sea? Although these fish eggs are most popular among eastern territories, caviar is globally renowned and savored by the masses! In fact, Edward II of the British Royal Family declared the sturgeon the 'Royal Fish'. Now you know that fish too can be royal!

Make sure to be in our Crazy Room Friday, July 18th, through Wednesday, July 23rd between 2 PM and 3 PM EST to relish our bingo delicacies! We'll be running a full hour of speed games with fancy prizes between $40 and $80.

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Gilda's Hunt - Virginia - Chat Game

Gilda is on the loose again and we need your help roomies to catch her and ease her pockets off of hose $1,000 CASH that she carries around each week. If all this sounds fun enough please join us this Sunday, 20th of July, in our Dollar Room between 8 PM-11 PM EST and be ready for some extra good time. Good luck!

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Beach days - Chat Game

Golden sands, the relaxing sea breeze, and a cold drink are the first things that come to our minds when we think about spending time on a beautiful beach. Join CM Crazy in our Dollar room, on Saturday, July 19th, between 7 PM and 9 PM EST and get ready for two wonderful hours on the beach! Pick four numbers between 1 and 75 and they will represent your favorite beach accessories. When two of them are out on the board type (beach + your numbers + icon). First players to do so will receive 20 BBs! Good luck everyone!
*Number of winners to be determined by number of players.

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Coffee cups - Chat Game

From the giant mug for your first cup of coffee in the morning, to the travel mug for coffee to go or the decorative cups you can use for your guests, coffee cups come in all shapes, sizes and types. Join CM Sky in our Desperate Housewives room, on Tuesday, July 22nd, between 10 AM and 12 PM EST and grab your favorite coffee cup! Pick three numbers from 1 to 75 and they will represent extra ingredients for your coffee. When one of the numbers is out on the board type (my coffee + your numbers + icon). First roomies to do so will receive 7 BBs! Good luck!
*Number of winners to be determined by number of players.

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