November 27th, 2014

Another week, another great chance for you to boost your account with some great promos! Here's this week's picks roomies, play hard and enjoy the spoils!

Hot Chocolate Chill Out

There's a chill in the air! The time of year for coats and scarves, sledding and ice skating has arrived. When you come back inside, warm yourself up by brewing up some delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream and join us in the Dollar room from Thursday, November 27th to Wednesday, December 3rd between 5 PM EST and 7 PM EST to kick start your December with an unforgettable 2 hours event filled to the brim with exciting games with fixed prizes of $1,000 every 5 calls and guaranteed $100!

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Festive Lights

December is the time to bring out your holiday spirit and turn on your twinkling lights to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! String your colors around your house, on your tree, and watch the sparkles as the snow falls! The festive atmosphere is the perfect environment in which to treat yourself by joining us in the Supernova Room from Thursday, November 27th to Wednesday, December 3rd between 10 PM and 12 AM EST. Here we will feature speed games with a fixed prize of $2,000 once every 5 calls and $200 guaranteed on other calls!

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Thanksgiving Salute

Thanksgiving brings together family and friends to give thanks for all the good things in life. Once you're done with the meal and relaxing, the time has come to join us in our Fair and Square bingo room, where we're saying thank you to all our loyal members for all your spirit and dedication throughout the year! You're welcome to come and enjoy yourself between Friday November 28th and Sunday November 30th, between 4 PM and 5 PM EST. We will be featuring a complete hour of super speed games with fixed prizes of $150 once every 5 calls and $30 guaranteed!

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Pick the Perfect Present

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind you, it's time to start making your Christmas list and start ticking off the loved ones for whom you've already found the perfect gift! Your imagination and generosity is always appreciated, so go wild! Our gift to you as you start out on the holiday hunt is an invitation to the Desperate Housewives room, where from Sunday November 30th to Wednesday December 3rd, between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM EST, you'll be in line to win one of our games with fixed $125 prize!

And here's something extra, just to make your days even warmer:

- Extra $50 BONUS for winning two games in same day, in the mentioned timeframe

- Extra $100 BONUS for winning three games in same day, in the mentioned timeframe

- Extra $500 BONUS for winning 2 games/day, in the mentioned timeframe, for 3 days in a row

* The players can claim the bonus, by sending an e-mail to with the winning game numbers no later than Monday, December 8th, 2:00AM EST.
** Bonus prizes will be credited on Monday, December 8th.

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Square Dance Hoedown

Get on your dancing boots! National Square Dance Day is November 29th, an occasion to let down your hair and get dancing! You'll be reeling and rocking in no time! Once you're done and need some time to relax, join our Crazy room from Thursday, November 27th to Wednesday, December 3rd for some additional thrilling action! Between 2 PM and 4 PM EST, you'll have the occasion to play speed games with fixed prizes of $150 on every 5th call and guaranteed $20!

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Gilda's Hunt - Chat Game

There's only one town left from Alaska and a new state is ready to be explored and that means a lot more bonuses ready to be taken into accounts and more cash for the most lucky winners. $2,000 CASH is the bounty for Gilda's catch! Everyone is invited in Dollar Room on November 30th between 8PM-11PM EST.

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Winter weekends - Chat Game

Gather up around the fireplace, winter's right around the corner! Time to greet it in style - how else would you prefer to spend a snowy weekend other than enjoying it with a cup of hot cocoa and a few friends to tell stories with? Join CM Ryner in our Fair & Square room on Saturday, November 29th,between 11 AM and 1 PM EST for an early winter weekend. Pick a corner of the board to sit in (1,15,61,75) and see who can celebrate best! If your corner is called first in the game, type (winter + your corner + an icon). First players to do so will receive 7 BBs! Prove that your cocoa's the tastiest and your story's the coolest! Good luck!
*Number of winners to be determined by number of players.

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Movies and popcorn - Chat Game

When the weather is getting colder and you want to spend a great evening out, what better way to do that than to enjoy some quality time at the cinema, with a big bag of popcorn and a good movie? Join CM Amy in our Nickels room on Sunday, November 30th, between 7 PM and 9 PM EST. Pick three numbers from 1 to 75 and they will represent your favorite types of movies. When one of them is out on the board type (movies + your numbers + icon). First roomies to do so will receive 5 BBs! Good luck everyone!
*Number of winners to be determined by number of players.

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Starting Thursday, September 25th the rooms schedule changes as follows:

- Quarter room will close between 6PM - 2AM EST on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

- Fair and Square room will close between 4PM - 2AM EST on Tuesday, 4PM - 12AM on Wednesday, and 7AM - 11AM EST on Friday!


Regular bonus rules apply

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