November 20th, 2014

Another week, another great chance for you to boost your account with some great promos! Here's this week's picks roomies, play hard and enjoy the spoils!

The Adrenaline Rush

From sky diving, bungee jumping to cliff jumping, it is all about feeling the thrill! However, if you prefer a safer kind of fun we've got the perfect thing to get your adrenaline up and running.
Come play in our Afterhours Lounge Room from Friday, November 21st to Wednesday, November 26th , between 2 AM and 3 AM EST, for a full hour of speed games with fixed prizes of $1000 on every 5th call and $100 guaranteed prize for only $1/card. Don't forget to get your 2 FREE cards for every 10 bought.

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The World's A Playground

Children are our lives and our future! To commemorate Universal Children's Day, you're invited to channel your inner kid and have some serious fun, just like you used to do! You'll be ready for some family bonding on Thanksgiving after you Join us for some nostalgic thrills from Thursday, November 20th to Wednesday, November 26th between 5 PM and 6 PM EST, in Dollar Room for special speed games with fixed prizes of $1,000 on every 5th call and $100 on all the other calls!

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Fall Feast

The days before Thanksgiving are dedicated to getting ready for the big holiday! This usually means one thing: lots and lots of cooking! Get your appetite up and be ready for anything by enjoying two whole days of fantastic games. To get amped up for the big Fall Feast, join our Quarter room on Monday, November 24th and on Wednesday, November 26th from 4 PM to 5 PM EST. We will be featuring a complete hour of HI-LOW games, with prizes of $100-$50!

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Crazy Cranberries

November brings many treats: falling leaves, chilly days, cozy nights, and more! One the best treats is enjoying cranberry flavors that make Thanksgiving special. November 23rd is Cranberry Day, and you're invited to come down to the Fair and Square Room and enjoy your favorite games and bingo buddies both Saturday November 22nd and Sunday November 23rd. The action will get started from 7 PM to 8 PM EST, featuring one full hour of fantastic games with $70 fixed prizes and an EXTRA $70 BONUS for winning two games in same hour!

* Bonus prizes will be credited on Monday, November 24th.

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Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we're all getting ready to pile into cars, hop on trains, or jet off on an airplane in order to meet up with family that lives near and far. Before your journey, treat yourself to some much-needed relaxation! You're welcome to join our Desperate Housewives Room between November 24th and November 26th from 6 PM to 7 PM EST. Get excited about winning one of our special HI-LOW games with $75-$150 prizes!

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Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving is all about eating, drinking, and family fun! Before the big reunion meal, get in some miles on the pavement when you run in a Turkey Trot, a Thanksgiving jogging tradition! Once you're done, you'll be ready for a little excitement before you sit down for the big meal. Join us in our Crazy bingo room between November 20th and November 26th. We'll be waiting for you, every day, from 2 PM to 4 PM EST to enjoy two hours of special speed games with fixed prizes of $150 on every 5th call and $20 on all the other calls, with up to 48 cards every game!

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Gilda's Hunt - Chat Game

Gilda's Hunt is going very well and we have lots of winners so far. Hunters on your mark because this Sunday, 23rd of November we have another $1,000 CASH Bounty and lots of bonuses to offer. Everyone's invited in our famous Dollar Room, between 8pm-11pm EST to be a part of the funniest hunt.

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Chocolate treats - Chat Game

Up to and including the 19th century, confectionery of all sorts was typically sold in small pieces to be bagged and bought by weight. The introduction of chocolate as something that could be eaten as is, rather than used to make beverages or desserts, resulted in the earliest bar forms, or tablets. Join CM Kira in our Dollar room, on Saturday, 22nd of November, between 11 AM and 1 PM EST. The CM will play a game honoring the creation of the chocolate treats. B,I,N,G and O all represent one famous chocolate brand. Pick two letters that represent your favorites and when two numbers are out on one of the two letters, claim (choco + your letter + emoticon). First roomies to do so will receive 20 BBs! Good luck!
*Number of winners to be determined by number of players.

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60's music - Chat Game

The 1960's were great years for music and the decade was particularly revolutionary in terms of popular music, as it saw the formation and evolution of rock. By the mid-1960s, rock and roll in its purest form was gradually overtaken by pop rock, beat, psychedelic rock, blues rock, and folk rock, which had grown in popularity. Join CM Hawk, in our Desperate Housewives room, on Tuesday, November 25th, between 8 AM and 10 AM. The cm will pick a word and the players will have to come up with song names using the given word. First players to do so will receive 7 BBs!

Good luck everyone!
*Number of winners to be determined by number of players.

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Starting Thursday, September 25th the rooms schedule changes as follows:

- Quarter room will close between 6PM - 2AM EST on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

- Fair and Square room will close between 4PM - 2AM EST on Tuesday, 4PM - 12AM on Wednesday, and 7AM - 11AM EST on Friday!


Regular bonus rules apply

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