FAQ's about our online bingo site

To take part in all the fun Vic's Bingo has to offer, you must be a registered member, which is free of charge. If you do not have an account with us yet, or have already registered, but have forgotten your account information, this Frequently Asked Questions section below should hopefully answer some of those questions for you. This section also serves to refresh the memory of those already members regarding the policies and procedures of our online bingo site.


Initial Questions About Online Bingo

No need to worry if you are new to online bingo, we are all new to something at first, and then, with time, you can excel at it! We truly hope this will be the case for you at Vic's Bingo! We hope this page provides all the information you are looking for, please read each topic carefully, and if there is still something you're not quite sure about, we are here to help.

Setting up a new account

If you do not have an active online bingo account at Vic's Bingo yet, then click here to register one. To find out what our registration requirements are before you start playing online games, click here.

Getting $25 free to play free bingo

At Vic's Bingo we welcome all our new online bingo players with a completely free $25 sign up bonus, to help you get acquainted with our bingo games.

Forgotten password

In case you forget your password, go to our password recovery process to retrieve it. If you do not remember the information being requested in that section, or having problems entering your account, please contact our friendly customer service staff.

System Requirements

In order to play any of our online games, it is important you check that you web-browser is updated with the latest Flash plug-ins. You can check this and download them in minutes for free by clicking on the following link:

Free Money Play Through

For more information about free money wagering requirements, please read our bonus rules.


How to Play Online Bingo

There are plenty of online games for you to enjoy at Vic's Bingo, please click on the links below to learn about our site rules, bingo games and promotions we offer.

To play your free bingo games

There are two simple ways for you to play our free bingo games; the first is to use the complimentary $25 you get upon registration, and the second option is to access our free bingo room when you log into the site. For both of these options however, it is imperative you have an active account at Vic's Bingo.

Our daily online bingo promotions?

Visit our online bingo promotions section to read about our deposit bonuses, tournaments, weekly specials and daily promos.


Making Your Online Bingo Deposit

At Vic's Bingo we're all about making things as easy for you as possible, that's why we take all major credit cards and have also set up a series of alternate deposit methods for those who do not want to use their credit or debit cards. So all players are welcomed to play in a safe and secure way. To se what these deposit options are, please follow the links below.

Deposit guidelines

All the deposit methods we offer at Vic's Bingo are safe, fast and user-friendly. Please carefully read our bingo deposit guidelines and start playing online bingo!


Requesting Your Online Bingo Payout

At Vic's Bingo we try to keep our operations fair and square! In order to request a payout you must first meet certain requirements, please read so you have a successful withdrawal. If you need any kind of assistance, please contact our support staff, who will be more than happy to help you!

Our withdrawal guidelines

Please take a bit of time, for your benefit and ours, to read our rules and regulations pertaining to bingo payouts at Vic's Bingo, as well as the different payment methods available to receive your money.

Requesting a payout with free money

Please read our bingo bonus rules first.


My question isn't on this FAQ

If there is anything you are still wondering about that was not covered in this FAQ section, remember that we have a friendly and professional Customer Support Staff available 24/7 to answer ALL your questions, and they are only a phone call or click away!

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