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Vics-Bingo is amongst the oldest and most trusted online bingo sites you can find on the internet. We offer a variety of Bingo Games, as well as Free Online Slots, Video Poker, Keno and Pull Tabs. Playing bingo games online is much like the real life experience, save for a few differences that make the online bingo experience the more exciting one of the two. This, of course, would be our opinion!


Online Bingo

Online bingo offers a number of characteristics that make it differ from real time bingo; in essence, online bingo tries to replicate what land-based bingo already does, but there are two main differences that we have here at Vics Bingo of course. These important differences are:

Free Bingo

One of the main differences between online bingo and land based bingo is the fact that you can play bingo for free at many online bingo sites, and Vics-Bingo is not the exception. We offer a wide variety of bingo games you can play for free; most sites require you sign up with them in order to play online bingo free. Vics-Bingo currently has two ways in which you can play free online bingo games when you open your account:

    1.A free, no deposit required $25 sign up bonus.

    2.Free online bingo games that pay real money.

Once your account has been created, you're ready to play bingo games for free! So sign up today and enjoy playing the bingo games you love!

Online Bingo Deposit Bonus

Online bingo also offers a deposit bonus if you wish to play bingo games for real money, regardless of the deposit amount or time of day. Most online bingo sites offer this deposit bonus on every transaction made to play bingo games, and this is definitely something very hard to find, if not impossible, at land based bingo. Vics-Bingo currently offers a a 500% bonus on the first deposit a player makes , a 350% bonus for the 2nd one and a 250% bonus for the 3rd one, followed by different online bingo promotions, that change from time to time, and are featured in our online weekly bingo newsletter, which we recommend you read regularly if you wish to know what these latest promotions are.

Community factor

Land based bingo offers you a community as well, however you can only socialize with other bingo players when you are actually there, playing bingo...and even this is difficult as players need to focus on their cards during the bingo game! With online bingo you can socialize with fellow players even while you play, and this is done via the chat button. When you are in an online bingo room, you can choose to activate the chat room, and interact with other players around the globe and a true sense of community is formed. Most online bingo players count on the community factor steadfastly to make the whole game more enjoyable. People all over the world are welcomed, and you are welcome too!


For bingo players living in warmer climates, this may not be a perk, but for those enthused players who may need to head out in the cold for a night of bingo? It's a tough decision, and one you won't need to make when you engage in online bingo at Vics, where you'll be playing in the comfort of your own home! Since we are an online site, we accept players from anywhere around the world, at any time of the day (or night!) So if you're in the mood, get online and play some bingo games with us, anytime, anywhere! It's that easy!

Complex, but easy

Of course we know that in order to play online bingo, you need a computer, internet service and even a little knowledge on how to use the computer! However, we don't believe any of these should stop you from playing: we all know at least one other person with a computer, and at Vics-Bingo, we have the most friendly and professional Customer Service team to help you out every step of the way.

Online Bingo