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Vics-Bingo is a website designed for players all around the world to play online bingo games, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! We offer a nice diversity of bingo games for you to enjoy, however, let us tell you a bit more why Vics-Bingo is the best place to play online bingo games!

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Play online bingo for free:

It is your choice whether to play bingo online for free, or whether to pay to play bingo. Vics-Bingo offers you both options and in either case your luck can strike! If you are new to online bingo and are not sure about playing with real money, don't worry, just pick one of our FREE play bingo options and enjoy playing as much as you like. This gives you the chance to try the games out and start socializing in the chat games too!

Play bingo for real money:

So, we have established that you can easily play online bingo games for free, however, we also have to state that there are more thrills to playing for real money! It is also simple and safe, you will easily get the hang of it, and with all the different games and promotions we deliver, you will never find yourself playing the same game twice. We offer exceptional deposit bonuses to extend your time having fun and make sure you check out our daily and weekly special promotions to enjoy the most complete bingo experience you'll ever have.


How to play bingo games

Playing online bingo games at Vics-Bingo is fun and easy. Once you've created your account and you've decided whether to start with the free games, or the pay to play bingo games, just choose a room and get ready for some pleasing and rewarding entertainment!

As soon as you're in the online bingo room, you'll see lots of bingo cards displayed. Either manually choose which ones you want to play, or use the quick buy tool for the system to select cards for you, purchase them and shortly after the game will begin. We wish you the best of luck!


Bingo rooms you can play at Vics Bingo

At Vics-Bingo, we have online bingo rooms of unparalleled quality. If you want to play bingo games for 6 hours straight with fixed prizes…theme inspired games and weekly contests….monthly tournaments, and well, so many more things that we can't really name it all here, then this is the site you need to play online bingo at. We're sure you will be impressed with the selection of games we offer.

Also remember that you have access to our online weekly newsletter, featuring lots of special games, tournaments and extra prizes including Moonlight Madness, Happy Hour, 1-2-3 Wednesdays, Speed Bingo, TGIF and Bingo Sunday Cinema, just to name a few. All this for you to enjoy while you immerse yourself in the online bingo world at Vics!

And, lastly, we cannot forget to mention the entertaining bingo chat games! Quarters Room offers the best online bingo chat monitors and chat games, allowing you to have some extra fun, win more bingo bucks, and make bingo buddies while you play!

Forget about the stress of every day for a bit, and come to play online bingo with us at Vics, simply the best online bingo site on the net!

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