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Free Online Pull Tabs at Vics

If you would like to play online pull tabs for FREE, Vics-Bingo is the place for you! We offer you the option to play for free, no account and no deposit needed. Simply click on the images below to start playing free pull tabs and having a good time!

However, if you wish to win bigger, real money prizes, you first need to create an account at Vics-Bingo. Upon registration, we will give you a free $25 sign up bonus, and so you can play our complete set of Pull Tab Games.


How to Play Free Online Pull Tabs

Playing online pull tabs is fun and easy! Simply click on the game room you want displayed below, and allow the game to load. On the left-hand side you will see the payout table and on the right-hand side the tabs you need to pull. If you want to pull them all simultaneously click on the “pull all” button, and if you prefer to do it one by one, just click on them each manually.

If you want to play another game, click on the “new card” button and this will load a new set of tabs for you to pull. You can also choose to have the tabs pulled automatically for you, 2, 5 and ten times by clicking on the "2X", "5X" or "10X" buttons. If you would like to learn more about playing online pull tabs, please visit our Online Pull Tabs page for full instructions.

Remember, this is a game of chance, so the more you play, the more chances you have of winning!


Do I win playing Free Online Pull Tabs?

The answer to that is relative! You can win real money if you use your free $25 sign up bonus or if you have made sufficient wins while playing free bingo games and met our bingo payout guidelines, as well as complied with our free money bonus rules. Otherwise you must make a deposit and be subject only to our payout rules.

Good luck and have fun!

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