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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This Frequently Asked Questions section covers all the information you’ll need to play at Vic's Bingo! 

Getting Started

In this section we’ve included common questions about getting registered, logging in, the basics of playing bingo, as well as how to get your welcome bonus, and how to navigate the account details and referral sections of your account. 

Why Vic's Bingo?

Vic's Bingo offers a top-tier online bingo platform that brings together everything players want and need for playing bingo online. We’re dedicated to making sure that you get the best possible bingo experience! Vic's Bingo has been around since 2002 and has from day one focused on a single vision, and that is to provide an incomparable online gaming experience to all our customers. We believe we have achieved this by excelling in quality, variety, and service. At Vic's Bingo, you’ll enjoy a welcoming and entertaining community of bingo buddies and the fantastic additional benefits of the chat moderators and chat games. 

How do I register?

To get started at Vic's Bingo, you’ll need to follow a few quick steps to register:
  1.    Click the Free Sign-Up button on the home page.
  2.    In the box that pops up, enter the required information:

a. First Name

b. Last Name

c. Email Address

d. Nickname

e. Password

3. Click on the Sign Me Up button. 

By clicking the Sign Me Up button, you agree with our Terms and Conditions and confirm you are over 18.

5.    Check your email for a confirmation notice – this includes a link that lets you activate your account. Once you’ve done that, you are ready to play!

How Do I Log In?

To get logged in to your Vic's Bingo account, navigate to the top of the Vic's Bingo home page and:
  1.    Enter your nickname.
  2.    Enter the password you chose in the password field at the top of the page.
  3.    Click the Log In button.

Do I Get a Welcome Bonus?

Vic's Bingo welcomes you to the bingo community with an incredible $25 FREE sign-up bonus! That’s not all – you’ll also have access to a 2015% welcome deposit package!

Can I Play for Free?

The answer is YES! With your $25 sign-up bonus that we credit to your account as a welcome gift, from the first time you log on you’ll be able to start playing without having to make a deposit! You can also enjoy additional cost-free fun by increasing your balance through your play in our Free Room, which is open daily from 7AM to 6PM EST. The Free Room is limited to players who have less than $5 in their account balance. Please note that the minimum deposit for playing on Vic's Bingo is $11.95 for the first 10 deposits, when funding your account via Credit, Debit or Pre-Paid cards. For deposits made via an online wallet, the minimum deposit is $25.

How Do I Start Playing Bingo?

Playing online bingo is as easy as you could wish it to be! Just follow these easy steps and you’ll be online and enjoying yourself in no time! If you have any issues along the way please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team at any time! You can read more on how to reach the team here.

Here’s how to start playing your first bingo:
  1.    Log in to your account by entering your nickname and password.
  2.    You’ll be taken to the Vic's Bingo lobby, which features our Bingo Rooms!
  3.    Click on the room you’d like to try. The screen for the room and the cards you can buy will load.
  4.    Select the cards you’d like to buy and then click the “Buy” button on the bingo room screen. You’ve also got the option to let the system pick the number of cards for you – to use this just click Quick Buy. 
  5.    When the game begins, you will see your purchased cards. The system will daub them for you or you can daub them yourself by selecting Game Options and toggle the auto-dauber on or off.
  6.    You’ll see the name of your game on the upper left side of your screen, along with your balance, your bingo bucks, the total prize, and the number of other players in the room.
  7.    When the game ends, you’ll learn the winner in a pop up window – if it’s you your account will be automatically credited!

How Do I Modify My Account Details?

If you’d like to update your Vic's Bingo account details, start by logging into your account. Next, follow these steps:
  1.    Click on the small avatar image on the main Vic's Bingo page and then click Edit Profile.
  2.    Here you’ll be able to add or modify information about your account. When you are finished entering the details, click the Update button available per each section. 

Can I Refer a Friend?

When you refer your friends to Vic's Bingo you can earn 25% on their deposits. You’ll get $0.25 for every $1.00 they deposit and there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. Here’s how to use the referral program:

  1.    Log into your Vic's Bingo account and click on the Refer-a-Friend button available at the bottom of the lobby homepage. 
  2.    Choose the way you’d like to send your friend(s) their Vic's Bingo invitations.
  3.    Your friend(s) will get an email inviting them to come and play at Vic's Bingo.
  4.    Once they have registered and made deposit(s) on Vic's Bingo, you will receive a 25% bonus on their deposits for the next 120 days!
  5.    Also you get 50 VIP Stars when your friend successfully registers his/her account, plus 1000 VIP Stars when your friend makes their very first lifetime deposit.

Bingo VIP Program

Vic's Bingo proudly offers a VIP program in order to reward our member community for their loyalty! When a member joins Vic's Bingo they’re automatically added to the Bingo Basic level – our default level. Once you’ve made your first deposit and wager on any game, you’ll be inducted to our VIP Club! As a member of the VIP Club, you’ll begin earning bingo VIP Stars based on your activity, wagers, and more! 

How Do I Move Up?

To rise through the ranks and move up to a higher VIP level, you need to gather as many Stars as you can! Get started by logging and clicking on the View My Level button. You’ll see more information about how many Stars you need to move up!

Whenever you accumulate enough Stars to move up, you’ll be automatically changed to that level. You can read in the Stars Addition section!

How Do I Move Down?

Just as it’s possible to move up in VIP level, it’s also possible to move down – primarily due to a lack of activity on Vic's Bingo. It is important to remember that for every payout that is processed, Star deductions can lead to a descent in VIP level. Consult the Stars Deduction section to learn more.

What Is The Bingo Shop?

The Bingo Shop offers a wide range of exciting products that can be claimed by players based on the number of coins collected and activity on the site. Different products are available based on VIP and coin count levels. To check out the great menu of accessories, clothes, home appliances, and much more, go to the Shop Page/terms.

Bingo Chat

The Vic's Bingo experience would not be complete without the chat option available in all our rooms! Here is more information on what chat games are, how to join chat games, eligibility, rules, and etiquette.

How Do I Join a Chat Game?

Once you’re logged into your Vic's Bingo account, just click on the Bingo Room of your choice! When the room loads, you will see the chat section automatically loaded on the screen. Click into the chat box, type your message and hit Send. You can add special flavor to your chats by using the emoticons tab and the tab with chat shorthand. The size of the chat list can also be changed by going to the Options tab.

What Are Chat Games?

Chat Games are thrilling side games ran by Chat Moderators during the main bingo game play. These side games have different payouts, based on the game. You can collect as much in chat game winnings as you are a currently depositing player who has won the game in question and who also meets the following criteria:

  1. You are a depositing player.
  2. You fit under the qualification rules.
  3. You have won and claimed the Chat Games in question.

All chat game BBS are credited within 24 to 48 hours. For further information, please contact our Customer Support team. 

What Are the Chat Rules & Etiquette?

In order to make sure that all players have an enjoyable time, Vic's Bingo maintains a set of internal chat rules:

  • • NO impersonating another player in chat;
  • • NO offensive, indecent or foul language;
  • • NO harassment;
  • • NO exchanging of personal information: full name, phone number, address, personal accounts created on social networks or any other websites;
  • • It is strictly prohibited to contact or communicate with company personnel through any means other than the company's main communication channels. This measure is enforced in order to protect both the player and the company's personnel;
  • • The nickname should be decent. If not so, Customer Service reserves the right to change it;
  • • NO arguing or complaining. Complaints are handled by Customer Service only;
  • • Players are not permitted to discuss their accounts, bonuses or balances;
  • • Participants in chat are not allowed to promote third-party websites or activities;
  • • Chat participants shall not use vulgar or threatening statements;
  • • Participants in chat are not entitled to use racial, sexual or ethnic slurs;

Deposits & Payouts 

Vic's Bingo aims to make the process of depositing and withdrawing funds into and out of your bingo account stress-free and easy. The below sections outline the general information regarding deposits and payouts. Additional detailed information can be found HERE.

How Do I Make a Deposit?

Once you are logged in, simply go to the lobby, then click on the Deposit button featured in the upper left side corner and select your preferred available Deposit Method. Please note that every transaction made to Vic's Bingo is processed in US Dollars.

How Do I Play for Real Money?

If you wish to play our Bingo games and win real money, you must first register at Vic's Bingo and deposit funds. Please take into consideration that deposits must be processed and approved before members can play for real money.

How Do I Request a Payout?

When a player can withdraw from their bingo account and the amount of the payout are regulated by specific Vic's Bingo rules. Please take a bit of time, for your benefit and ours, to read our rules and regulations pertaining to bingo payouts, as well as the different payment methods available.

Can I Make Bonus Money Withdrawals?

Please read our free bonus rules before requesting a payout in order to ensure that your request will be successful.