Grand Million Dollar Party
Gilda's Picnic

Gilda is back and ready to party!

Be Gilda’s guest to this old fashioned picnic, where the spread is made up of $$$. With a prize pool of $2.000.000 this will surely be one get together to remember, so save the date for the 19th of July and get your snacks ready, so you don’t miss a thing!

total prizes of over:

One hour of Speed Games
with a fixed prize of

every 5th call

Pots reaching up to

For the whole event
you’ll get:

for every 20 bought

Fireworks Pattern
with a fixed prize of

on all calls every hour

2 Speedy Coveralls
per hour with:

on the first 50 calls per hour

Unlimited BBs*
during the party

per correct chat game claim

Terms and conditions:
      * Bonus rules applies.
      * Unlimited BBs will be awarded according to VIP level.