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Anti-Spam Policy

Vic's Bingo upholds a zero-tolerance policy with regards to spam.  The policy, outlined in detail below, is updated from time to time to ensure that Vic's Bingo members are fully protected and benefit from the most up-to-date anti-spam monitoring techniques.

What Is Spam?

Spam is commonly defined as the commercial or unsolicited bulk email, which most recipients find to be irrelevant and/or intrusive to their privacy.  Vic's Bingo also defines spam as all UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Unlike spam, solicited emails are those that are requested, personal, and related to the recipient’s interests and undertakings. 

Although Vic's Bingo does use internet-based tools to communicate with its registered and prospective customers on a regular basis, all emails sent out by Vic's Bingo have been previously authorized by their intended recipients at the time of their account registration with Vic's Bingo.

Vic's Bingo Fights Spam

Vic's Bingo is dedicated to maintaining international standards for privacy protection. This is done by strict avoidance of the use of misleading headers, unauthorized third-party internet domain use, and manipulative subject line content. In addition, Vic's Bingo never aids or assists others to use the products or services of Vic's Bingo for any of the aforementioned strategies. 

Subscribe & Unsubscribe

All emails sent by Vic's Bingo include a link that users can click to unsubscribe from future communication. At any time this request can be reversed via the profile option in the user’s account or by contacting

Purchased Email Databases & Lists

Vic's Bingo never purchases email lists from third parties or sells account information about any of its members, out of respect for the Vic's Bingo community. All Vic's Bingo profile and account information is confidential and exists solely for the use of the account holder and Vic's Bingo.

Agreement & Notification

When you register with Vic's Bingo, you choose to agree to the Terms & Conditions, which state that members will receive promotional and notification emails on a regular basis. At the time of registration, users are informed of the unsubscription process and are still able to agree to services and continue to their accounts.  Furthermore, all users are able to opt-in or opt-out after the initial registration from within the Vic's Bingo site.